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Quick Chopper

The Quick Chopper is a dynamite chopping machine and as a bonus a terrific little salsa maker.  Use the Quick Chopper as a mixer with the included whipper blade. Quck Chopper is also great for mixing batters, eggs, dressings,  whipping creamg, etc. The Quick Chopper's unique design takes the challenge out of veggie chopping.  One turn on top is 10 inside.

Salient Points:
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Blades stay sharp
  • No Motors To Burn Out
  • RV Tested & Approved
  • Large Easy-Turn Handle
  • All The Choppings Are Left In The Bowl Not On The Board
  • Eco Friendly - No Power Needed
  • Quick (hence the name)

Great for hunting, hiking, fishing, boating, camping.

All Parts Are Dishwasher Safe - Top Shelf

Quick Chopper Guarantee